Hello World, hear me….

More than ever, times are chaotic with all the occurrences around the world,  Countries fighting for freedom, people rebelling and overthrowing their governments.  They are demanding changes in policies, leaning towards democracy and other new governmental foundations.   Big Brother is watching. The world is turning upside down.  People are not sure of every day safety.  Facing high food and basic costs,  unemployment, foreclosures, famine,  and threats of terrorist attacks, they are a lost generation.  Looking for answers outside themselves to solve or escape the dilemma of the times.  It is time for a spiritual awakening.  A season to explore our inner core of our existence.  There are many faiths out there, but all lead back to a higher supreme being.  The three elements of life. Love, Hope and Faith, with out these three, we will stay in the darkness.  Take a moment today through meditation, art, writing, hobby or a peaceful pursuit and connect to your destiny.  It is calling out to you.  Bless Be.  Smell the flowers, now I understand what my grandmother was telling me.  Shift your proirities away from the earthly realm and seek the truth starting today.


About mtmc2

I am a spirtual person seeking answers to life's questions. Researching all faiths and writing spiritual books. These are being published by Smashwords.com and I have a facebook page; Message to my Children Fantasy Escapism. To help others not to be afraid to explore any topic they want to learn more about. I favorite Christianity, raised in this faith. Also use the bible for reference but open to any suggestions. Willing to learn and share all experiences and faiths and genres of authors at my author page listed above. Also have a personal author page on facebook.com mtmc2, come by and enjoy the world of self publishing and the remarkable stories and books coming alive in the 21st century.

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