Jonathan’s Cross (Kindle Edition)

This was a superb story, I don’t know why it is not on the top ten of the NY Times Best Sellers list. This book is a powerful refreshing style of writing. It looks back at the 1929 market crash and how it affects three life-long best friends, and their wives. It has sentimental tones, chivalry, joy and sorrow threads and so much more as they share their personal journey from riches to rags. The transformation of their lives and the loyalalty they all shared along with the secrets divulged to each other opens the sixth sense of intuition and makes the reader realize that family and friendship should be cherished, not taken for granted. The bravery of the men protecting their women adds a lost romantic longing of days passed when woman were treated as gentle souls. Yet respected for having the dignity to be supportive when necessary.

Reading each chapter and waiting for the events to unfold was like being invited to a family banquet and sharing the memories, of life from birth to death and in between. Their destiny was to discover money was not the answer to life. They finally find happiness only to have it taken away in a flame of injustice. The conclusion had this reader’s heart pounding, the tears flowing down her checks, waiting in anticipation for the twist of fate. What a twist of fate it was.

In the author’s own words; “Fire, a foot tall in some places, stood between him and the stairwell.He watched frantically as the fire jumped to the curtains of the back door and the kitchen quickly filled with smoke. He dumped the pitcher of milk over his head and ran full on at the fire, jumping over it in spots and raced up the stairs.

Samuel was screaming hard, choppy wails as Jean stood on tiptoes to reach him in the crib. He couldn’t quite reach him; he dropped to his knees to reach a thin arm through the bars and pulled him close to the edge. Back up on toes, he grabbed two fistfuls of Samuel’s sleeper and pulled with all his might to raise him over the edge of the crib wall.”

This book is number two in my library and should be shared as a family treasure, it has so much history, respect, chivalry, and loyalty to the end.


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