The Days and Months We Were First Born- Family By Fate (Book 2 of 3) (Kindle Edition

The Days and Months We Were First Born- Family By Fate (Book 2 of 3) (Kindle Edition) This book is book two of the “The Days and Months” trilogy. And from page one to the conclusion it was stylishly written with in depth and severe emotional complexity. It stimulated this reader’s mind. Each event crept into this reader’s soul. There were times when I laughed, there were times when I cried, it was a trip into the surreal. It was definitely a satisfying escape from the world’s troubles for a while. Book 2 continues from the end of “The Days and Months We Were First Born, The Unraveling”. This one is “Family by Fate”. It starts with Martin suffering from shell shock when he realizes what happened to his beloved NY city. It was gone, no more, destroyed by a nuclear explosion. A laboratory experiment went wrong. Martin was shattered, yet he finds the strength to continue his fate to survive.
The events that he experienced sent chills down this reader’s spine. Martin should’ve lost his life at least three times, yet in the last desperate darkness moment, guardian angels came to his rescue: a physician and his wife, who escaped some rebels, the bullies of the new chaotic world. They escaped within an inch of their lives. They rescued Martin and then rescued another survivor, an Indian female teenager and the characters bond together as a family by fate.
This book is written as if the reader is watching a 3-D movie, the action actually comes off the page and makes one relate with each character as they are experiencing a wide range of situations that would crush another in a moment, yet these heroes and heroines survive. Or do they? To find out, go to,, and Barnes and Nobles to find this treasure that keeps the reader’s senses tingling to the end


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