The Days and Months We Were First Born- The Unraveling (Book 1 of 3) (Kindle Edition)

This book opens with excitement on the first page and continues to the very end. It is a futuristic story about a virus getting out of control and causing panic around the globe. The characters are caught in the dilemma of survival of the fittest, and they have to sacrifice their morals to exist in a violent society. The scenery is set in New York City with Manhattan flavor.
This book is filled with fast action, emotional impact and survival antics. It has the edge of technology that may become a reality for our children in the future. It opens the mind to think of strategic tips just in case of emergencies, you never know.
…”as if I were weightless: and cracked the very pavement… The surrounding building shook to their cores…with violent force”. This story continues with further graphic details as you turn each page. Don’t wait, check out this thrilling book. It is one of many coming closer to actual future predictions, not so unrealistic. This author has the gift and flair of unique genuine creativity; it’s as if he’s witnessing the future himself.


About mtmc2

I am a spirtual person seeking answers to life's questions. Researching all faiths and writing spiritual books. These are being published by and I have a facebook page; Message to my Children Fantasy Escapism. To help others not to be afraid to explore any topic they want to learn more about. I favorite Christianity, raised in this faith. Also use the bible for reference but open to any suggestions. Willing to learn and share all experiences and faiths and genres of authors at my author page listed above. Also have a personal author page on mtmc2, come by and enjoy the world of self publishing and the remarkable stories and books coming alive in the 21st century.

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