This is a new and hot emagazine exploring the world of writing, self publishing and other exciting topics.  It is growing in fans and surprises, check it out, so many interesting tales to read and enjoy.

In the author’s words: I started eFiction Magazine because soon everything will be digital. Reading digital fiction used to be a hassle that involved sitting in an uncomfortable desk chair with your back hunched, reading a bright screen that burned permanent scars into the retinas of your eyes. Today, we have e-ink and mobile, high-resolution screens. The time for digital fiction to shine is now.

Being a fiction writer myself, I want to give aspiring authors an audience. I think of the current state of eFiction Magazine as a stepping stone in a writer’s career. It is a way to get your name out on the internet, to network with other writers, and to receive instant feedback from trained as well as untrained eyes.

It is so exciting to read submissions from around the world and to teach craft through editing.”

Doug Lance


The magazine is published digitally every month for free. Submissions are open to everyone.

Stay tuned there are some game-changing events coming soon,


About mtmc2

I am a spirtual person seeking answers to life's questions. Researching all faiths and writing spiritual books. These are being published by and I have a facebook page; Message to my Children Fantasy Escapism. To help others not to be afraid to explore any topic they want to learn more about. I favorite Christianity, raised in this faith. Also use the bible for reference but open to any suggestions. Willing to learn and share all experiences and faiths and genres of authors at my author page listed above. Also have a personal author page on mtmc2, come by and enjoy the world of self publishing and the remarkable stories and books coming alive in the 21st century.

2 responses to “

  1. I was surfing along one day and came upon this new and exciting emagazine. Read some of the stories and then saw it advertised on Smashwords Facebook page and following the link, submitted an advertisement I created for my series of books. This admin and his ideas are the future of publishing, hop on the rocket now and come on over to a new technology, and enjoy a new community of writers daring to be themselves. Loaded with surprises.

  2. imaginationalley

    Hi, This sounds very intriguing to me. I will prepare my short story for submission. I look forward to getting involved with your site. Author Lisa Vandiver

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