Message to my Children

Hi authors and readers, I am new in the self publishing world, well actually invading the writing sites for about a year now.  I was searching for a passion and discovered that my mind wants to write as my body becomes weaker.  I am lending more towards spiritual and experimenting with dark literature too, trying to find a niche.  I have met some awesome self-publishing authors on, 

Indie Authors,

Book Junkies

and other aspiring sites.  I have been a guest on Lisa Vandiver’s Blog at and

other blogs i.e.

It has been an exciting adventure.  It is like finding a new family, who help fledging writers with honest feedback about how to improve one’s writing skills and share tips and recommendations to help one another build a dream.

These sites and others in the self publishing ebooks offer surprises with discounted and free ebooks.  Check them out today.  Also I have one that I am trying to open spiritual doors of humanity’s minds and invite you to jump  into a universe like no other from fictional to non-fictional, sci-fiction, romance and other genres by very creative artists by visiting the ebooks world. 

Message to my Children, can be found @on, also personal author page at  reviews welcome, just starting out and looking for recommendations on improving skills.


So journey to all those sites and while there you can open doors to the world of ebooks and emagazines, it will be a trip you will not regret, open your mind, eyes, heart and soul to masterpieces waiting to be enjoyed and share with the world.  



About mtmc2

I am a spirtual person seeking answers to life's questions. Researching all faiths and writing spiritual books. These are being published by and I have a facebook page; Message to my Children Fantasy Escapism. To help others not to be afraid to explore any topic they want to learn more about. I favorite Christianity, raised in this faith. Also use the bible for reference but open to any suggestions. Willing to learn and share all experiences and faiths and genres of authors at my author page listed above. Also have a personal author page on mtmc2, come by and enjoy the world of self publishing and the remarkable stories and books coming alive in the 21st century.

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  1. imaginationalley

    I am enjoying this blog. Author Lisa Vandiver

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