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Hi all, When  one faces a  computer screen and a blank post one has to ponder how to choose a topic and start to write a blog that expresses creativity and a muse is at work; I believe one writes because they wish to express overwhelming internal emotions from joy to sorrow and in between that they want to share with others, be it in a blog or a book.  This blank page is opening to this dabbling writer the opportunity to explore and use the indescribable restless energy in my soul to express thoughts as a teaching tool for others to read, use to be validated or to feel better about their own personal trials. My muse tonight wants to explore human psychology and actions of others.  There are so many directions a dabbling writer can go; My spark was:

today  a wonderful writer and blogger  email me a You tube video link:

Ode to the Brain; it is a snappy video about the remarkable brain. She was having some issues with her diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, a relapse. The doctor told her she needed to think about herself and say no to some people’s requests when they asked her to do activities for others, it was making her more prone to a weaker immune system from exhaustion and opening her up to more stress which brings on illnesses and relapses.  Also that if she had any bottled up emotions she should write in a journal and analyse how to solved her unrest, and communicate through meditation, prayer and/or face the people that caused the injuries. To release the toxins to the universe.

I was thinking I wish I could express myself like that, so today I will explore the mysteries of life and ponder upon an issue to see if I could find closure to something that occur in my life.  We as individuals are born and raised to live by society’s laws and rules, get along with others, achieve an education, and create a career that you find fulfilment with. All is rosy in the world then an event occurs and you lose everything and had to start over. You pick up the pieces and once again you are living your life, you work, share quality time with your family and friends, eat and sleep, everything is okay but you have an inner restless of  “what if” and seek the missing piece to make it complete.

Then one day something surprises you, a gift from the universe arrives to you, you see, hear and senses a little flame blossoming in your soul something awakening in you, you discover a talent about your self; start to explore it and develop a  like for the activity, which turns into a hobby and then sometimes a passion.  Everything in your life seems more vibrant, the air smells sweeter and you add a skip to your step, and come alive and look forward to each day.

One discovered an outlet that agrees with the song of your soul.  One  invest their energies to learn about it, to improve  and to create, be it art, music, writing or other passions. One uses their talents and share the finished product with others.  When giving one self’s to others, every day is like a rainbow after a summer shower, one feels alive and one becomes enmeshed with the new outlet relishing the addiction, the kudos, the acceptance and acknowledgement of being accepted into an élite group .

Then because you are human and make a mistake or more, or do not know why, you world comes crashing down.  All you thought were there for you, desert you faster than a sinking ship and leave you drowning in dark bitter cold empty sea, as you are straining to keep your head above water, going down once, gulping for oxygen and down the second time again trying to understand what you did to offend those you thought were your allies.

One needs answers to apologize for actions when one does not know what caused the bonfire in the first place.  Thinking did one crossed forbidden boundaries, said hurtful remarks and responded with silence, or another slight; either way, with no answers to the questions there  is no  way one can resolve the wound or put out the fire.

One has to ask how many heart breaks, how many lessons does one need to learn and recover from before they lose all hope and faith in humanity. Trying not to let regrets, resentments and anger build and start smothering into a flame then an explosion.  One needs to find forgiveness for one self and the ones who decided to shut the door in one’s face. Rejected they become trapped in the midst of the muck and lies, life is to brief for head games. The distress does not prepare one to move on to experience the wonderful gifts of life; Instead they are looking back and wondering what happen  instead of living in the present moment.

The heart is a fragile thing and one has to ask  how many disappointments can one can survive before it shatters and then is no long  able to give love to others.

So today in your journey if you by chance you break a heart at least be truthful and throw that person a lifeline and don’t let them down go down for the 3rd and last time, drowning with no hope of being saved. My friend has friends who were there for her, but now with this diagnosis and other alleged insults, which she is not aware of they are abandoning her with no explanation. I have to ask even after a half century on this planet, why do people leave others in the dark with no resolution about why you no longer part of the élite group?.

So for me writing this blog today has turned into a message to have no regrets and move on and be able to forgive those you thought like or even love you, for there is searing emotional pain to say good-bye in one’s soul, reading  that take care of yourself closing, and one realized in one heart, that it is a  farewell. Some where in the empty cold darkness abyss  there is a lesson learned. To one it is  honesty has left the planet, if anyone located it please return back to sender.

I found this forgotten blog, and started to write to resuscitation it and  my wounded identity and to share with other deep thought and insight  to declare to others  “You are never alone” and there is a purpose and a reason good and bad events occur in  life. As I told my friend she needs to come to term with her diagnosis, and will go through the 7 stages of grieving.  We all grieve in our lives, over broken hearts, circumstances and relationships.  Now one has to find an outlet, a reason to have hope and to heal to move on, understanding it will take tremendous strength when trust was damaged between others.

Question: When you have your heart and trust shattered how do you overcome the injury and find that fulfillment again?

This what come out of the muse today. If this is too heavy, please visit above link and listen to the snappy video and others on this YouTube channel, they will make you laugh and think about life in general. Hopefully when the sudden darkness invades your life, one discovers the truth and let it flood you  like  the warm sunlight after a rainstorm, you can come to appreciate what was lost and move on for everything needs to break to begin again.

Be positive and live with a brighter outlook,  go forth and recharge from the darkness by coming to terms with the hurt and not drown in it but rather look forward to a brighter tomorrow, and accept life is fill with lessons.  After all we are not perfect, and God does not make junk. Do not be afraid to say your are sorry for your trespasses and forgive those who trespassed against you. The world needs more peace, not hate.


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I am a spirtual person seeking answers to life's questions. Researching all faiths and writing spiritual books. These are being published by and I have a facebook page; Message to my Children Fantasy Escapism. To help others not to be afraid to explore any topic they want to learn more about. I favorite Christianity, raised in this faith. Also use the bible for reference but open to any suggestions. Willing to learn and share all experiences and faiths and genres of authors at my author page listed above. Also have a personal author page on mtmc2, come by and enjoy the world of self publishing and the remarkable stories and books coming alive in the 21st century.

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