Wow, December 29, 2016; what a year it has been. It appears from social media, news and life in general, 2016 has been a tremulous year of events, tragedies and transformations of a higher awareness of an existence of awakening for all humanity.  Condolences to all who suffer and sacrificed this 2016.

This decade of transformations of humanity jump-started a catalyst of reactions of a roller coaster of infinite emotional vibrations of indescribable human expressions of emotional upheaval, from disarray, disagreements to out right violence among some of the world’s population and countries during 2016.

Unknownst to human beings of the 21st century this unknown angst engulfing our psyches is very painful to the mind, body and spirit. This pain affects individuals in various ways. Some become immune and say move on, tomorrow is another day. Others are oblivious to the frequencies and vibrations surrounding us, and in others, it actives the desire for HSP highly sensitive people to react to the unruly outpouring of dark shadows and anger among society.

They may have realised why they were here at this present timeline.  It is their mission to seek solutions that will benefit humankind. HSP are genetic moulded to tap into their inner intuition, and seek peaceful resolutions to humanity’s angst and confusion of what happening, why everything is topsy turvy on Earth.

They are awakened spiritually,  through faith, not religious beliefs. HSP use their six senses and gifts to break through the muck of lies and conspiracies and seek peaceful resolutions to humanity’s angst and confusion of societal transformation occurring in the 21st century.

HSP’s research methods and mutual ideologies which help  tap into positive energies vs. negative reactions and seek to find acceptance of the transformation, help all to realized that all this disorder will be straightened out, and it shall pass as a tumult storm or storms in the coming years and the closure of this disarm will illuminate its purpose to humanity in time.

Mission hold on tight and to barrel through the muck of the confusion of the I am always right mentality, the egoistic me persona, take care of myself first, the hell with anyone else beliefs, and bring forth the true definition of why we should stop disagreeing and work together to save and create a brighter future for us and the next generation coming as visitors.

HSP’s purpose is to implement variable methods and mutual ideologies of compassion which will help tap into positive energies vs. negative reactions and assist humanity to find mutual cooperation and acceptance of the Gaia and humankind transformation, and definite higher self,  true purpose to humanity, that love casts out fear.

For HSP’s individuals to completely understand and experience their own darkness, face their own shadows, and relate with the discord of these turmoil disagreements among society, they have to experience an inner psyche battle, a deep and penetrating soul searching schism, some label schizophrenia and other disorders of mental imbalance in their psyches. To HSP’s experiencing this transformation it is not a mental diagnose, (advice please to reassure yourselves be evaluated and get medical clearance then research dark night of the soul and learn you are evolving).

To HSP’s experiencing this transformation, it is very scary, it is not a mental diagnose if experiencing frightening symptoms, advice you should have yourself evaluated by physician and psychiatrist to rule out any concerns. To a frightened individual after medical clearance, know you are in a storm of self-awareness, the ego vs. who you are to become,  it called the dark night of the soul. In other words, the discord, fear, and confusion is too overwhelming for some of us, and we actually suffer a schism of reality and become lost, alienated from society. looking for the old persona that is being stripped away.

Nothing seems normal, question everything, guess what you on the path of enlightenment. Not all blossoms and cherries, it is a chaotic ride of ups and downs,  a flood of mood swings, from anger to joy in flashes of minutes, electric currents buzzing everywhere in your body and you think you are going insane. You are not alone, Google dark soul of the night, you will find a community all experiencing this transformation.

In other words, the discord, fear, and confusion you are experiencing it is too overwhelming for some of the humanity as the HSP’s , the aliens that are too enmeshed in the care- giving and protector role of light workers, assigned to maintain the light vs. the darkness suffocating our planet at present time. Just as the oxygen we breath is invisible, so is our divinity of light and dark energies.

These invisible energies infiltrated highly sensitive people, their souls, their psyches to want to escape this violent and erupting planet. Gaia cleansing herself of all the toxicity and taking her children with her, frequency overload.

We can not escape, only through our own self-exploration and destroying our egoistic persona will we be able to complete our mission. Well, children, this is a sharing of my experience to help another with information and a lifeline you not going insane, changing the human psyche, but worth the evolution.

The dark traits will go away, fears and stinking thinking for you are a metamorphosis of a cocoon ego of mysteries unknown that journies through angst to cleanse all negative energies away, traumas, wounds and unforgiveness, to be born anew again. With a clearer perception a true being of truth, full of much empathy and love for your fellow human.

Mission to form into a beautiful being, a true being of truth, empathy and love for your fellow human, with no chains holding you back, free to be yourself the person you were meant to be. Not everyone will understand this evolution, and some doors may close but in the end, the rewards will be beyond measure. Hang on you in for an exhilarating bumpy road ahead, you are not alone.



About mtmc2

I am a spirtual person seeking answers to life's questions. Researching all faiths and writing spiritual books. These are being published by and I have a facebook page; Message to my Children Fantasy Escapism. To help others not to be afraid to explore any topic they want to learn more about. I favorite Christianity, raised in this faith. Also use the bible for reference but open to any suggestions. Willing to learn and share all experiences and faiths and genres of authors at my author page listed above. Also have a personal author page on mtmc2, come by and enjoy the world of self publishing and the remarkable stories and books coming alive in the 21st century.

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