Message to my Children

Hi authors and readers, I am new in the self publishing world, well actually invading the writing sites for about a year now.  I was searching for a passion and discovered that my mind wants to write as my body becomes weaker.  I am lending more towards spiritual and experimenting with dark literature too, trying to find a niche.  I have met some awesome self-publishing authors on, 

Indie Authors,

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and other aspiring sites.  I have been a guest on Lisa Vandiver’s Blog at and

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It has been an exciting adventure.  It is like finding a new family, who help fledging writers with honest feedback about how to improve one’s writing skills and share tips and recommendations to help one another build a dream.

These sites and others in the self publishing ebooks offer surprises with discounted and free ebooks.  Check them out today.  Also I have one that I am trying to open spiritual doors of humanity’s minds and invite you to jump  into a universe like no other from fictional to non-fictional, sci-fiction, romance and other genres by very creative artists by visiting the ebooks world. 

Message to my Children, can be found @on, also personal author page at  reviews welcome, just starting out and looking for recommendations on improving skills.


So journey to all those sites and while there you can open doors to the world of ebooks and emagazines, it will be a trip you will not regret, open your mind, eyes, heart and soul to masterpieces waiting to be enjoyed and share with the world.  



This is a new and hot emagazine exploring the world of writing, self publishing and other exciting topics.  It is growing in fans and surprises, check it out, so many interesting tales to read and enjoy.

In the author’s words: I started eFiction Magazine because soon everything will be digital. Reading digital fiction used to be a hassle that involved sitting in an uncomfortable desk chair with your back hunched, reading a bright screen that burned permanent scars into the retinas of your eyes. Today, we have e-ink and mobile, high-resolution screens. The time for digital fiction to shine is now.

Being a fiction writer myself, I want to give aspiring authors an audience. I think of the current state of eFiction Magazine as a stepping stone in a writer’s career. It is a way to get your name out on the internet, to network with other writers, and to receive instant feedback from trained as well as untrained eyes.

It is so exciting to read submissions from around the world and to teach craft through editing.”

Doug Lance


The magazine is published digitally every month for free. Submissions are open to everyone.

Stay tuned there are some game-changing events coming soon,

Dream Weaver by Rejean Giguere

This book is a provocative stimulating mind blowing story of what one would do to save someone they love.  The character tries all avenues of seeking a resolution to locating his missing sister, who was kidnapped in a foreign land.  After all of his attempts to find her are exhausted. He is about to surrender hope and abandoned the search. Then he receives a cryptic email that sends him on a surreal journey into the mysterious voodoo culture and mystics.  This book is short but pack with details and at times should be almost rated x rated for mature audiences.  It has graphic details, steamy lustful scenes and primitive trappings.  He is stripped of all human essence to evolve to the primitive state of animal instinct.  He has to prepare himself to journey into the deeper strange jungles at his last desperate attempt to join heart and soul with his sister. He sacrifices anything, “anything” to bond with his loved one again. This book is a powerful heart wrenching tale about human love and the boundaries which need to be broken to surrender to defeat or hope.  It is worth the time to explore this author’s writings,   which can be locate at, and  under the author’s name. 4 stars

The Cell (Kindle Edition)

This review is from: The Cell (Kindle Edition)

his author was given a gift, a vision which he took and compelled into a sci-fiction, fantasy book with hidden parables of a spiritual nature, one has to read in between the lines to understand the purpose of this book. A true believer reading this book will be enlightened to the possibilities of the future on the horizon and be prepared of actuality of its occurrence. This book is full of impact, it is a reverse of Islamist against Christians. Today’s Americans claim Islamic terrorists are enemies doing whatever they can to accomplish their mission of bringing their Allah to the forefront and be the world leader. Except it is not Muslims being prosecuted in this story but Christianity is abolished and outlawed as a fundamentalist religion. The Christians disband or go underground to escape the lies and deceptions of the Arabic world who is trying to sabotage the Christian’s institution with attacks and slander. The United States becomes a Socialist and corrupted government. The head agency FAAHAD, against Hate Crimes is a ploy breaking all constitutional laws to go after all Christians and destroy any foundation they have to stand upon.

The characters in this book, from William, John, Najeev Mohammed, others and Professor Burkhart are all powerful. BurKhart becomes the leading character, lawyer and helps John fight the Supreme Court against the corrupted Anti-Hate agency, FAAHAD.

There are so many elements in this story, one has to have a sticky note pad to keep up with all the excitement and possibilities of characters and future events.

My conscious as a reader rallying for William and his underground mission. He and others were true Christians until the end of their lives and the sacrifices they gave captures a reader’s heart. Leaving one to ask would they be as brave to sacrifice their lives as martyrs for a higher supreme being?

I have read one of this author’s books, waiting for the suspense, a little disappointed thinking the scene should ended until the most horrifying but plausible scenes came to life, this author is an artist at making the heart race, I had to walk away to get my breathing under control and go back and read it detaching my self from emotions, to get through this part of this magnificent story. The factutal truth in this story touches all aspects of the human soul and ha sthe impact of making one want to redecide their lives choices and to stored away all books for safe keeping. In case fantasy becomes reality.

It is filled with vital information and knowledge that Americans and the whole world has forgotten about and put on the back burner for selfish pursuits. The author is remarkable in concluding the book with factual knowledge that ties the ends up nicely. There is a message written among the suspense. A parable to be figured out. This book has to be read more then once to receive true enjoyment out of it.

India Was One (Paperback)

This review is from: India Was One (Paperback)

Reading India Was One, was like entering through a hidden portal, the reader is introduced to the rich heritage of India, it is a story that unfolds with descriptive colorful characters that become like a family to the reader. There are the parents, the adults, the zany friends, the traditional relatives and the .lovestruck lovers who let you follow them through their daily lives;from college to romance, to friendships, to their favorite past time, Cricket. The married couple traveled to exotic locations, all over India, Europe and United States, the details are so vivid, it lets the imagination believe you are joining them on their journeys. This story divulges hidden secrets, the conflicts and the traditions of people living in India before and after a civil unrest. It adds exquisite colorful artwork and details one is not familiar with. Since the Partition of India in August 1947,there have been three major wars, one minor war and numerous armed skirmishes between India and Pakistan.
India Was One, tells of this country divided in two, North and South. The perils of the lovers and families trying to unite again, but are denied. The Indians are separated by their ethnicities and are trapped behind either the North or South borders according to military protocol, have to go where commanded even if loved ones are separated. The civilians are trying to coexist and declare their heritage of being an Indian and not lose their heritage to misguided terrorists. The conclusion was heart-wrenching, and at the same time, a ray of hope. The humor and art work is worth the price alone. This book covers all aspects of what a reader needs for a mini vacation away from life’s struggles, so warm and friendly with fast paced thrills. You will not regret purchasing this book and placing it in your library.It is an excellent book to take a mini mind vacation with and opens a portal into a world of wonders and mysteries.

The Last Aliyah (The Time of Jacob’s Trouble) (Kindle Edition

 The Last Aliyah (The Time of Jacob’s Trouble) (Kindle Edition) This book is a suspenseful thrilling tale of a dark future of World War III and modern warfare devices that will be used against the weaker nations to make them surrender. As in the days of bomb shelters and fear of the unknown this author weaves a dark sinister tale straight out of the holy prophecies and brings it alive in book form by describing one of the many possibilities in our near future that could occur. He packaged this ominous tale with a variety of personalities and characters which walks the reader through their personal journeys of families, lives decisions and paths they chose as they are being tore apart as they are sent off to fight the enemies. The daughter goes through her own personal transformation from scared child to powerful warrior. She has chosen to go against all she was raised to believe in, not trusting what is in front of her eyes, following her heart and intuition instead, which leads her on a spiritual discovery and opens many doors for her. This writer leaves the reader wondering if some of the outlandish theories being spread on the internet may not be so far fetched as some think. This author is a prophet in his own right and it would behoove you to read between the lines and enjoy this fantasy drama as it unfolds but keep in the back of your minds there are secrets here, a Pandora Box which is not that unrealistic if Russia’s sleeping bear awakes and thirst for control and evil overcomes the sleeping sheep’s minds.
Tyranny against innocent civilians and then the possible or impossible actions of supernatural forces coming to the rescue at the last desperate moment, when all hope is lost. Yet the conclusion does not end there as it continues to another theory, now the question now is, if this theory is unrealistic, or there is truth hidden in the verses as predicted in the scriptures “Look at the moon and strange signs in the skies” It speaks of the end times namely signs in the heavens’ is it alien guardians, once again the mystery has you questioning self; these guardians are they the true saviors or is the Anti-Christ coming in another form, a new concept which caught this reader by surprise and produced a thirst to re-read the verses to seek deeper meanings one is not aware of yet. The author leaves the reader to ponder and decide if the conclusion is that strange; or could it be a real threat. Beware of sheep in wolves clothing, be on guard, some fantasy is not that unbelievable. Can anyone really know for certain what will happen in the days ahead? Not apart from what’s in the Scriptures – anything beyond that is clever speculation. But such speculation can make for great story-telling.

Jonathan’s Cross (Kindle Edition)

This was a superb story, I don’t know why it is not on the top ten of the NY Times Best Sellers list. This book is a powerful refreshing style of writing. It looks back at the 1929 market crash and how it affects three life-long best friends, and their wives. It has sentimental tones, chivalry, joy and sorrow threads and so much more as they share their personal journey from riches to rags. The transformation of their lives and the loyalalty they all shared along with the secrets divulged to each other opens the sixth sense of intuition and makes the reader realize that family and friendship should be cherished, not taken for granted. The bravery of the men protecting their women adds a lost romantic longing of days passed when woman were treated as gentle souls. Yet respected for having the dignity to be supportive when necessary.

Reading each chapter and waiting for the events to unfold was like being invited to a family banquet and sharing the memories, of life from birth to death and in between. Their destiny was to discover money was not the answer to life. They finally find happiness only to have it taken away in a flame of injustice. The conclusion had this reader’s heart pounding, the tears flowing down her checks, waiting in anticipation for the twist of fate. What a twist of fate it was.

In the author’s own words; “Fire, a foot tall in some places, stood between him and the stairwell.He watched frantically as the fire jumped to the curtains of the back door and the kitchen quickly filled with smoke. He dumped the pitcher of milk over his head and ran full on at the fire, jumping over it in spots and raced up the stairs.

Samuel was screaming hard, choppy wails as Jean stood on tiptoes to reach him in the crib. He couldn’t quite reach him; he dropped to his knees to reach a thin arm through the bars and pulled him close to the edge. Back up on toes, he grabbed two fistfuls of Samuel’s sleeper and pulled with all his might to raise him over the edge of the crib wall.”

This book is number two in my library and should be shared as a family treasure, it has so much history, respect, chivalry, and loyalty to the end.